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Breaking News!!

What's up at Mondavi???

Wow, things are imploding over there at the Robert Mondavi Corporation (RMC).  It seems that the fan is blowing at full speed and the shit is flying!

Last week, Michael Mondavi was forced to resign his seat on the board of directors.  (Michael was at one time CEO and Chairman of the Board)  Shortly thereafter, Tim Mondavi resigned from his position as vice chairman and head winegrower.  It doesn't just suck to be a Mondavi family member, 360 workers at RMC were laid off.  That's one third of the entire company's workforce!  What is up with that?

You may recall back in September, the RMC braintrust announced that it would be selling off its premium brands and luxury holdings.  That means that Mondavi's interests in Opus One, Ornellaia, Luce, To Kalon vineyards, the RMC Oakville winery, etc., are all on the block.  (I'll bet those chowderheads who invested in are kicking themselves now!)  The unfortunate RMC shareholders will be left with the "lucrative" high-volume brands like Woodbridge, La Famiglia and the Robert Mondavi Private Selection.

Rumor has it that Michael, Tim and their sister, Marcia Mondavi Borger, are putting their heads (and finances) together to buy up the jewels of the RMC.  Now if only they had a unique and innovative website to bundle into the package...   Where could they buy such a website...???  (Hey, we could become  You never know...

October 22, 2004       
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Real News for Winos

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NEW! Winery of the Month

In the spirit of international detente and in honor of an action that foreshadows monumental change in Franco-American relations,  this month the highly coveted Winery of the Month Award must go to

As we reported in Breaking News last week, the lovely and talented Véronique Drouhin-Boss has announced a new line of French wines called Véro, obviously named after the winemaker herself.  These new wines are targeted at the American market with the grape variety printed on the label.  The woman is a genius I tell you, a GENIUS!!!   I can't wait to get my hands on Véro!  (The wine, you perverts, not the winemaker!)

In celebration of this monumental international gesture, I am urging all you winos to go out and celebrate with a nice French wine.   That's right, celebrate with something French in honor of our friend, Véronique.  If I knew where or when you could find Véro, I would let you know.  Perhaps some big-time wine importer could let us in on the secret...

October 2004

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