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Breaking News!!!

Wino Excuse of the Week


Wino of the Week

Yes, wino friends, this week we double it up.  A twin bill.  A double feature.  A twofer.  Twice the entertainment value for your wino dollar.  It doesnít get much better than that!

First upÖ  Lame Excuse of the Week and once again, the winner is Ö.  me.  Thatís right, Iíve got another lame excuse for taking several weeks to update this stupid site.  This time, Iím blamingÖ  SEQUESTRATION!!!  Thatís right, the reduction in growth of federal spending has adversely affected WinoStuff.com.  And we never even saw it coming!  Who knew that spending slightly less money than we thought we would this year (even though it is still more than we spent last year) would result in delays updating this site.  But there it is.   Sequestration.  I canít update the site if I canít spend a boatload of money that I donít have.  Period.  Itís just that simple. 

Oh, and for the record, we have also had to stop  giving tours of the palatial Wally Estate.  Our apologies to all the little school children that had their hearts set on viewing the majestic house and gardens.  Sequestration!

The other half of the double feature is the awarding of Wino of the Week honors to none other than Jared Followill, the bass player for the popular rock band, Kings of Leon.  Jared took to Twitter recently to admit that they couldnít finish their latest album because he was too drunk  Wow.  Thatís profound.  Most people would just sleep it off and pick up where they left off the next day.  But not the Kings of Leon.  Nooo...   They are too drunk now, they will probably be too drunk later, and that means that the album will go unfinished.   Thatís pretty incredible.  I applaud them for their commitment to their collective buzz. 

For the record, Jared also told one of their fans that he normally drinks "between seven and eight days" a week.  Bravo, Jared, BRAVO!!!  And for that kind of dedication, Jared Followill, you are hereby named WinoStuff.comís Wino of the Week!  (Coincidentally, you are also the lucky runner-up for Wino Excuse of the Week!)

Congratulations, Jared.  (and me!)

February 8, 2013 
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NEW!  Winery of the Month

Someone on the staff of WinoStuff is determined to keep this site updated.  (That would be someone without a new guitar!!!)  Therefore, so that Cockburns doesn't remain Winery of the Month for half the year, we bring you a NEW WotM award winner for February.  This month, we honor a producer that is making a nice white port because once you go white, you never go...  wait... what?  That doesn't sound right...

Anyway, WinoBob had enough Cockburn during January to last a lifetime.  Or so he told me.  I don't know anything about his cockburn.  Nonetheless...  here's Bob's award justification:

February is the shortest month of the year that is why I am taking this opportunity to call out a white port wine as the wine of the month.  I love Fonsecaís Tawny Port but for February I will be enjoying Fonseca Siroco.


In most countries, Ports is traditionally enjoyed at the end of the meal.  The exception is white Port, especially the drier style that makes an excellent aperitif.  It is a blend of classic white Port grape varieties, predominantly Malvasia Fina with smaller proportions of Gouveio, Viosinho, Rabigato and Arinto, grown on the cooler, higher vineyards of the Douro Valley. To achieve its crisp dry finish, the wine is allowed to ferment for longer than other styles of Port before it is fortified. Ageing in small oak vats gives Siroco its smoothness as well as its attractive ripe fruit flavors and delicate nuttiness.

So donít be stuck thinking that port is just for after dinner.  Go white before you eat.  Just so you know, I will be returning to the red side of Fonseca later this year.

Congratulations, Fonseca.  I would raise a glass in your honor but I'm a little busy right now.  Playing my NEW GUITAR!

February 2013

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New Feature!
WinoBabe of the Month!

Since our last WBotM was up for like a year and a half (even longer than our favorite WinoBabe, Lindsey), I figure it is time to bestow this great honor unto another babe, female winemaker.  I searched and found someone described as "passionate, energetic and professional in her duties".  Plus she has the reigns at Ch‚teau Lanessan in Haut-Medoc near Bordeaux,  one of those discreet and high quality, family-owned estates you hear about from time to time. 

It gives me great pleasure to name Paz Espejo our WinoBabe of the Month.  Paz is a young Spanish winemaker with a  degree in oenology.  She worked in both Spain and Italy before settling in Bordeaux.

Although this isnít the year of Bordeaux, her Spanish roots made her a great choice for this monthís WBOTM. 

 Congrats, Paz! 

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